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At Esenssi we are passionate about creating unique and personalized fragrances that allow you to express the style and personality of your brand in an exclusive way. Are you tired of the generic and uncomplete options on the market? It’s time to dive into the fascinating world of perfumes for brands!

We present this two main options:

– You can create a complete line of perfumes for your brand, or just a fragrance that makes your brand identifiable. Your olfactory identity. Your corporate aroma.

– Create a highly profitable perfumery business through bulk perfumes for brands buying wholesale. Add great value to your brand image in addition to getting high benefits.

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Discover bulk perfumery

We understand the importance of differentiating yourself in the competitive European market and offering you exclusive perfumes that represent the identity of your business. Are you looking for a unique way to captivate your customers and leave a lasting impression. Connect with your emotions through smell!
How to create my own perfume brand?

Discover the advantages of bulk perfumery!

Discover the advantages that rechargeable perfumery represents for your business, both at levels of profitability and sustainability, offering high-quality and environmentally responsible products.

1. High profitability in the short term

The business concept of perfumes in bulk is so successful and has so much growth and that today it is already fully consolidated. The perfume white label, the sale of perfumes in bulk is a business system with a large profit margin.

A business concept that is successful, in which you can put your own stamp and be able to sell under your signature.




2. Care for the environment

The refillable bulk perfume system goes a long way in eliminating excess packaging, plastics, boxes that greatly increases the amount of waste our planet must dispose of. With bulk perfume refills we are all taking care of the environment. Manufacturers, entrepreneurs and customers.

3. Stand out from the most direct competition

Easier to sell, more ecological with the environment, organic perfumes with natural chords, which will allow you to stand out from the most direct competition, offering a simple product to pack and of great olfactory quality in premium packaging.


4. High-quality perfumes

Follow the trend of ecological and sustainable perfumery, our bulk section allows you to have your line of high quality perfumes with two great advantages. Buy in bulk and sell refillable packaging, with which you will have a better brand image and a feeling of contributing to a good with your environment.

Save on shipping

By opting for bulk perfumery, you will benefit from significant savings on shipping costs. By avoiding shipping multiple individual vials, you can reduce logistics costs and further optimize your resources.

Refillable perfumery allows you to reduce the consumption of packaging materials. Instead of multiple individual jars, you can take a more sustainable approach by offering refills. This not only reduces environmental impact, but also reflects a commitment to corporate responsibility.


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Sale and distribution of perfumes

Enter our online store section and discover the wide catalog of equivalence perfumes that you can buy in bulk for your perfumery, check each aroma and its equivalence by entering the available products. From our laboratory you also have the possibility of creating your own white perfume brand to sell and be a distributor. We also have a range of cosmetic and air freshener products that are perfect to complement your business offer and make your investment more profitable.

Perfume distributors

We are a company that manufactures, distributes, and sells equivalence perfumes with a track record of great dedication and experience in the packaged or bulk perfumery sector.

We are specialists in equivalence perfumes

We have everything you need to set up your perfume store. We help you create fragrances for your own perfumery brand. We have solutions to boost the sales of your business.

In our online wholesale store you will find a wide special offer in Perfumery and Cosmetics products for stores and entrepreneurs with new projects.

In addition to our own original Esenssi fragrances and aromas, within our catalog you can find equivalent perfumes and versions of top brand fragrances. Study our wholesale catalog and find the best wholesale perfumes at an affordable price.

Our condition as perfume manufacturers in Spain, with our own laboratory, allows us to offer our customers great profitability in the sale of our products. Contact us and get more information about our products and wholesale perfume distribution systems.

Consult our catalog of equivalence perfumes

Learn more about our equivalent fragrances and the rest of the products in our catalog, and start a new project with the support of one of the most important perfume suppliers in Spain. We put at your disposal an advanced online wholesale distribution system, fast and efficient, capable of responding to the demands of our customers.

Are you not a perfume distributor?

Don’t worry, you can get your favorite perfumes through Amazon. Buy our best fragrances online, manufactured in the Spanish laboratories of Esenssi.

How can I have a perfume business?

It is very easy, we offer you different lines of perfumes for businesses so that you can have your own perfume to sell with your brand with a very low investment.

From bulk perfumes, opening packs for perfume shops, perfume packs for fashion stores, wholesale perfumes for gift shops on the beach, perfumes to sell in tourist accommodation…

Consult without obligation which line best suits your business.

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Write us to learn more about our bulk equivalency fragrances or about our services. Contact through this form so that our team of professionals can help you with your project or to answer any questions you may have.

On our page you will find several ways to contact us. You can also write to us through WhatsApp at number 649251201.

* When contacting through our web forms, all the information provided by you will be treated with strict confidentiality. By virtue of Organic Law 15/1999, of December 13, on the Protection of Personal Data, we inform you that all the data you provide us will be included in the file created under the responsibility of Esenssi Aromas S.L. laboratory and manufacturer of perfumes, for its treatment in order to be able to develop the commercial relationship and to keep you informed of the news related to the company. You may exercise your rights of access, rectification, cancellation, imitation and opposition by writing to C/ Fuentespina, 41 4ºC, 28031 Madrid (Madrid).

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