Bulk perfume manufacturers

Bulk perfumes appear as an alternative to the branded high perfumery market, so that customers no longer only look at the most popular and well-known brands, but also at products with similar characteristics but at a much lower price.

We specialise in bulk perfumes for business, we are manufacturers of bulk perfumes. We are distributors of bulk perfumes and most importantly we have high quality bulk perfumes. Rechargeable Perfumes: A Responsible Luxury


What are bulk perfumes?


Just as in the food, textile, and other sectors, private label is equivalent to a large reduction in packaging costs, in the field of private label perfumes the same is true; it is not necessary to pay for expensive advertising campaigns to maintain an attractive image and stand up to the competition, nor do they have a recognised logo that increases their price. Accessory costs are reduced, but not the quality of their ingredients, which remain at high levels and even similar to those of any prestigious brand.

This has made the bulk perfume business concept so successful and growing that it is now fully established and has become increasingly prominent. Private label perfume, the sale of perfumes in bulk is a business system with a high profit margin.

It has also allowed Esenssi Aromas as a manufacturer of white label perfumes and high perfumery to diversify and make available to customers who want to open their bulk perfume business a product of high intensity, long duration, and in a very accessible and profitable way so that anyone interested can enjoy the advantages offered by bulk perfume franchises and have a physical establishment or an online perfume shop where sales are assured.

Thinking of having your own private label bulk perfume line?

In Esenssi Aromas we are specialists in the manufacture of perfumes in bulk white label, creations that makes our team of expert perfumers in the laboratories that we have located in Spain and where you will find the best white brands of Spanish perfumes, with fragrances for all tastes, but with a common denominator: good quality.

Both in what is called equivalence perfumes or white label perfumes, as well as custom-made formulations for brands looking for something more special and different, an exclusive combination to obtain as a result the best perfume for brands to put their own stamp and be able to sell under their signature.

We are not only wholesalers of bulk perfumes and distributors of perfumes for businesses, but we also create the ideal perfume for your brand, from small business lines to large productions.

We offer you a complete service, putting our experience at your disposal so that you can find a scent that nobody else has and that identifies your brand, personalising it with your brand logo, choosing the packaging and the format you are most interested in to be able to sell perfumes with your own unmistakable brand.

Do you want to make money? The key is to find a quality bulk perfume manufacturer. This sales system has a very high profit margin.

Reasons to open a bulk perfume business


The concept of private label perfumes or equivalence arose in the last crisis of 2008, a global economic crisis that was unleashed worldwide, and especially in Spain, as a result of the bursting of the real estate bubble and all the disastrous consequences it entailed.

The vertiginous growth of private label perfume shops was an economic success and a social phenomenon because it was a relief for many customers who had seen how their purchasing power had diminished considerably and could no longer afford to add to their shopping basket even a few staple items of recognised brands as they had done until then.

The democratisation of perfumery was introduced and with it, new business possibilities opened up with the introduction of private label equivalents and, more specifically, bulk perfumes at much more affordable prices, which consolidated private labels as a major alternative that was gaining more and more consumers.

For this reason, having high quality, guaranteed and serious bulk perfume suppliers is a fundamental requirement. There are many advantages:

  • Care for the environment. Bulk refill system. The system of refillable bulk perfumes contributes to a great extent to eliminate the excess of packaging, plastics, boxes that considerably increases the amount of waste that our planet must eliminate. With bulk perfume refills we are all taking care of the environment. Manufacturers, entrepreneurs and customers.


  • Higher profit margin for the entrepreneur and more savings for his customers. With the sale of perfumes in bulk and perfume refills everyone wins, the entrepreneur eliminates the cost of handling and therefore increases his profit margin and the customer reuses the container when refilling and therefore costs less.

Today we not only provide all the necessary products for the sale of bulk perfumes, but we also add value beyond that with special training for this sales system.

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Find out more about private label perfumes

Find out more about private label bulk fragrances

Private label perfumes are emerging as an alternative to the branded perfume market. As in the food, textile, and other sectors, private label means a significant reduction in packaging costs. This is not the case for the quality of the ingredients.

Quality bulk perfumes

Private label perfumes are created with the same quality as branded perfumes. The customer can choose the concentration and intensity he/she wants. The difference in price lies mainly in the chosen packaging when it comes to packaged perfumery. The costs are much lower and the profit margin is wider when it comes to bulk perfumes.

Ventajas de comprar online perfumes a granel para negocios

The biggest advantage is what we call smart shopping. The customer pays for the «liquid» itself and saves the extra costs for packaging design, marketing, etc.

How to find the best brands of bulk perfumes

At Esenssi Aromas we are manufacturers of bulk perfumes and packaged perfumes, both private label and perfumes created exclusively for major brands. This means that we work with high quality essences in stock. You only have to request your perfume samples without obligation.

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